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Best Ways to Download Music to SD Card from Computer for Free

Sure, you've got lots of great tracks on your PC or Mac. But how exactly are you supposed to move them to an SD card (and off your computer)? We've got the inside scoop. Read on for simple step-by-step guides to walk you through the process on both Windows and Mac computers.

download music to sd card from computer

Storing your music on an SD (secure digital) card can offer numerous advantages in terms of portability. For instance, many MP3 players, smartphones and tablets you might use in your business feature SD cards as a means of storage. When your music is on one of these cards, you can insert the SD card into the device and instantly have access to the songs you've downloaded onto it.

Click on a music file you'd like to transfer to your SD card and drag the song file from your local folder to the SD card folder you opened previously. Repeat this process for each song you'd like to download to your SD card.

YouTube Music provides two possibilities to download songs for listening even if you have run out of the internet - Manually choose a specific YouTube playlist for downloading, or turn on the "smart downloads" option to automatically download songs you're likely to stream. Meanwhile, some may still need to download and save YouTube Music to phone's SD card to save space. The following we'll cover two solutions to finish this task.

To directly download YouTube Music to SD card, the first and most important thing is that you've to become a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscriber. If you've already joined in, try out the steps below to put YouTube playlists to memory card on your phone.

Note: You cannot directly move downloaded YouTube Music from memory card to internal storage, or vice versa. You'll have to redownload them again if you would like to change the download location.

YouTube Music is a streaming music service, an alternative to Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. So just like other streaming platforms, YouTube Music also has its own pre-set limitations: 1) YouTube Music Free version doesn't allow to download songs to your phone. 2) Though YouTube Music Premium benefits with the useful download feature, it's not possible to transfer the YouTube Music downloads to another phone by re-plugging the SD card. 3) It's hard to find out the actual YouTube Music downloads, as they are saved as cached data.

NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter ( For Windows For Mac ) is the best application to download songs from YouTube Music to SD card. No matter you're YouTube Music Free or Premium users, NoteBurner brings the possibility to convert YouTube Music to common MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF or ALAC format with great quality. After the 10X faster speed conversion, you can copy the downloaded YouTube Music to SD card from computer unlimitedly.

Just follow this guide to save YouTube Music songs to computer as regular format files, then put them to SD card portable storage with ease. Before that, don't forget to download NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader on your computer first.

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The last step is to move YouTube Music downloads to SD card. Firstly, connect your SD card to computer through a card reader, or you can also directly connect the mobile phone that carries an SD card to computer. Then simply drag and drop the downloaded YouTube Music songs to an SD card for offline listening with no limitations.

Now, you've got two methods to download and save YouTube Music playlists onto an SD memory card. But if you had been troubling to find out the actual downloaded YouTube Music files on mobile, play YouTube Music in background without Premium, or download YouTube Music without Premium, then the special method in Part 2 should solve all your puzzle.

NoteBurner YouTube Music Converter lets you easily convert and download YouTube Music songs, playlists, or albums to MP3, AAC, FLAC or other open-source music formats. You don't even need an extra app to download YouTube Music as local audio, NoteBurner is all taken care of.

Yes, you can get free music download to SD card as long as you set SD card as the default storage. SD card was developed by SD Association to be used in portable devices like phones, tablets, cameras, and mp3 players. However, SD cards can also be used on computers.

But on a computer, you cannot set it as the default storage device. The first SD card was only 2GB but nowadays they are improved up to 1TB. SD cards are helpful when you have small internal storage space.

Setting an SD card as the default storage expands your storage. Free music online and apps on your device take up a lot of internal space. Buying a phone or device with bigger internal storage is the solution but such devices are expensive. So an SD card with good space is the best idea. You can get free music download to an SD card saving internal space for apps and pictures.

From part one you can see it is possible to get free music download to SD card. But Spotify is a music streaming service and does not allow you to get free music download to SD card directly. This is because Spotify music files have DRM protection. Hence you must pay for Spotify music before you download them.

However, Spotify has free users who are only allowed to stream Spotify music. It also has premium subscribers who pay for better services. Spotify premium allows you to download music but it is saved as a cache file. This means, you only use the Spotify app to play the downloaded music files.

But nothing is impossible, with the help from Spotify music converter applications and software. Such applications allow you to download Spotify music for free. TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter is the best software for this job.

This application removes the DRM protection from Spotify music, converts the music to any format like MP3, FLAC, M4A, etc, and finally downloads the Spotify songs to your local devices for free. So you can enjoy Spotify music on any device offline.

This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Windows 10 allows you to set an SD card as the default storage device. So with TuneSolo on windows 10, you can directly download free Spotify music to an SD card.

Just insert your SD card on your computer and open it under removable storage devices. Now copy & paste the converted music files to the SD card. Once the transfer is done, you will be able to listen to Spotify music offline on any device that supports SD cards.

SD cards are the most compatible storage devices. There are many platforms online that allow you to get free music downloads. But this free music can take up space on your computer or any portable device.

This article has given you the best way you can get free music downloaded to SD card. You can also save music with DRM protection to SD like Spotify music if you have a third-party application like TuneSolo Spotify Music Converter. This app allows you to listen to Spotify music offline without limits.

This post will show you how to directly download music from YouTube Music to an SD card on your phone. On the other hand, you can also use MiniTool uTube Downloader to download music from YouTube Music to your computer and then move the music files to your SD card if needed.

You can see that it is easy to download music from YouTube Music to your SD card. However, if you are not a Premium member, you will be unable to do the work. If so, you can use a professional YouTube music downloader to download YouTube music. You can try MiniTool uTube Downloader, which is free.

This software is very easy-to-use. After you download and install it on your computer, you can just open it and then use it to search for the music you want to download. Next, you can click the Download button and select the music/video format you want to use for downloading.

Windows Media Player (WMP) not only plays music and video but also lets you transfer music from your computer to an SD memory card. After you upload your favorite artists, songs and playlists to an SD card, you can transfer them to another computer or play them on a portable media player or cell phone.

Plug an SD card into the memory card slot on your computer. Memory card slots are generally located on the front or side of the machine, depending on whether you are using a desktop or laptop. If your computer does not have a memory card slot, connect an SD card reader to your computer, then plug the SD card into the card slot on the reader. If you do not have an SD card reader, purchase one from an electronics store. SD cards may cost from $10 to over $50 (as of 2010), depending on the type.

Close Windows Media Player when you finish. Click the "Safely remove hardware" icon on the system tray next to the clock. A new hardware window launches. Click your SD card in the hardware window, then click "Stop." When prompted, unplug the SD card from your computer.

Android devices have a default file manager app where users can sort out their files either on phone memory or onto an SD card. If the mobile device does not have any file manager, go to the Play Store and download one. With this file manager, you may move or copy music stored on your phone to the SD card manually. Follow the simple guide below to move music from phone to SD card.

AirMore is an application that enables users to connect mobile phone to computers wirelessly. This tool lets users store, transfer, and stream data via WiFi connection. Moreover, it works remarkably well on both iOS and Android devices as well as on Mac and Windows platforms as long as it has a web browser. With the help of this transferring app, you can conveniently manage your files such as photos, videos, music, documents, and more using your PC. To move music to SD card using this wonderful tool, read on the step-by-step procedure below.

Another tool is ApowerManager. It is a file managing tool that allows you to manage phone data and transfer files from your phone to the computer, and delete or print your documents stored on your phone from PC effortlessly. In addition, it offers a lot of useful tools and a user-friendly interface that make it even more beneficial. It lets you connect your mobile device to a computer by just using a USB cord or linking them together via same WiFi connection. Moreover, this program allows you to backup your files so you can easily restore them at anytime. To know how to move music from phone to SD card, just follow the easy steps below.


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