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Monopoly Plus Cheat Engine

Ho scaricato cheat engine su pc,ho guardato più volte video su youtube per non sbagliare i passaggi,solo che una volta impostato il cheat,il gioco a caricamento di una partita mi esce di colpo,potresti darmi una spiegazione e un rimedio?

Monopoly Plus cheat engine

When they were newlyweds 23 years ago Jeff Maggioncalda's wife, Anne, challenged him to a Monopoly battle. Determined to gain the upper hand, Jeff secretly created a program, known as a simulation engine, to model the results of 1 million Monopoly games and used it to generate a list of probabilities and payoffs for all the game's properties. "We played until she realized I had this little cheat sheet, and then she thought I was a total jerk," he laughs. (Actually, Anne, whose Ph.D. dissertation was on the reproductive strategies of male orangutans, was amused by his creative adaptation.) 350c69d7ab


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