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Nice Pictures For Facebook Cover Page

Only the best facebook cover backgrounds for your timeline. Most covers are unique and useful. You can easily show your creativity with these finely selected timeline covers. Thousands of great images, photos, quotes & sayings. You can also find cars, love and holiday themes.Ready to give your social media profile a unique look with a brand new, awesome facebook photo cover? Your social fans will love it. Your page, your design.Feel free to look around!

nice pictures for facebook cover page

Your profile and cover photos are how hundreds or maybe thousands of people recognize you. They make the first impression when someone searches for you on Facebook or when you send a friend request. Facebook has specific guidelines for their sizes. So to make the best first impression, it's important to know how to resize pictures for Facebook profile, your photos and optimize them for this platform.

Before you resize any photo for Facebook, you should know what's matter in a good cover photo. It is especially important for all types of pages, including business pages, creative, or media accounts. If you provide any sort of service to your visitor, you need to attract the viewer to your content. For example, if you have a Facebook photography page, then you need to showcase your best photos at the top of your page. A great way to do this is to create a collage of your images, so people can see at a glance the different kinds of photos you take.

If you have a new book series out or one that you are known for, display it in your cover photo. It will remind current readers of an updated series or show it to new readers at first glance of your page.

Like with any other social media platform, there are several different rules and standards when it comes to Facebook banner size. The difference in dimensions could be found when it comes to cover photos, profile photos, group covers, business pages, and so on. Knowing your limits when choosing the best size for Facebook banner is the key to creating your most successful banner.

Facebook cover images are a great multifunctional tool for both personal pages and business accounts. However, the importance of getting the correct Facebook business page banner size is much bigger than with the personal page cover.

Twitter is known as one of the best social media networks. Customers most often use it to discuss brands. Also, to make sure that your page stands out, your Twitter cover photo has to be larger and different from your profile photo.

With Facebook's timeline layout, your cover photo is the billboard of your social media page. You can use it to communicate countless ideas, pitches, concepts, or products. The difference between your cover photo and profile picture is that your profile picture shows up in user's feeds, whereas your cover photo only exists on your Facebook page. When your fans visit your page, you have a chance to communicate something important. So what should your cover photo look like, then? Switch out that trite band pic with one of these six creative (and effective!) ideas.

The dimensions for of a cover photo are perfect for creating a collage of your band's experiences and successes. When Sigur Ros launched their 2012 world tour, they used fan photos found on Instagram through their hashtag #sigurroslive and made a stunning collage of different shots from their live shows around the world. Their cover photo was particularly creative because it took fan art and exposed it to their worldwide following. Other collage ideas could be all of your albums to date or pictures of the band on the road.

Hashtags are the connecting points we follow to engage with fans. If you're hosting a live-stream of your new album, create a hashtag for followers to use while they stream. They can tag their pictures and listening experience. Your cover photo is a great place to encourage your follows to use a trending hashtag that's relevant to your music. Maybe it's the title of your new album or your band's name with 2015 attached. Either way, come up with a catchy hashtag that will bring new people to your music, as well as allow you to see who your fans are and how they engage with your music.

Look above at the desktop version of the Facebook page for Airtron Heating and Air Conditioning in Indianapolis. They have a really nice cover image that portrays what they do. It has a nice human touch, and they do a good job of adding their logo, a call-to-action, and a phone number.

When you or your web designer create the cover image for your Facebook page, make sure that any critical information (logo, tagline, call-to-action, etc.) stays within the center, mobile safe area. Your background photo or image can extend into the full width, but realize that the sides will only show on a desktop.

The most important thing you can do, however, is to test it for yourself. After you upload a new cover image to your Facebook page, be sure to double-check it not only on a desktop computer, but also in the Facebook app on a mobile phone and tablet. Borrow a few different devices from friends if you have to.

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This is not really education technology topic (sorry!), but I've received a lot of comments and questions about the cover images that I have on my EmergingEdTech and Songwriter Facebook Pages and thought readers might appreciate this simple set of steps for creating your own custom image. This can particularly useful if you have a Facebook Page for yourself as a professional that is separate from your personal page.

Once potential leads land on your page, they initially see the FB business cover photo. That said, make a good first impression by associating the image with your brand. Sprinkle some strategic design elements to let leads stay on your Facebook Business page longer.

Walgreens integrates history, credibility, and emotions for their Facebook cover photo. They boast how families have trusted the company since 1901. The picture of a mom lovingly holding a baby in her arms adds a nice touch.

Because Facebook cover videos take up so much real estate on your profile page, be sure that whatever visual you choose is as high-res as you can manage. Doing the extra leg work here should have a big visual payoff.

You also must have seen some cool combinations of cover photos and profile pictures, where the entire design looks like one continuous graphic, whether it was on individual profiles or business pages. Naturally, you might think that all the biggest brands would be eager to create something as epic as the example above, right?

For profiles and pages, your Facebook cover photo should be 820 x 312 pixels, or any larger 16:9 aspect ratio. These cover photos show up on mobile at 640 x 360 pixels, so make sure your most important information is in that center area.

If your are looking for that Facebook cover photo size that fits perfectly on your facebook page - you are in the right place. The facebook cover photo is a great way to show what your business is about. You can use it for showcasing a new product, show a beautiful image or maybe just your company logo. It's all up to you. Here are the correct dimensions to use for the facebook cover photo size.

The cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Facebook Page. This is only for computers though. On a smartphone it displays at 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall. The facebook cover photo was introduced on March 30, 2012 when Facebook Pages were converted to the timeline layout. Check out a great example from the North Face facebook page below.

Check out 101 facebook cover photo examples from some of the biggest brands in the world. See how Nike, LEGO, McDonalds, Slack and 101 other big companies are using the facebook cover photo size. Be inspired on how to create your new facebook cover.

A good way to check everything before you release it is to create a test facebook page. On that page you will be able to check that everything looks good before making it public. You will also be able to see how it looks on a smartphone. That's important. Because most users will probably visit your page from a smartphone.

There's a whole section further down on this page where you can see this explained in more detail. If you need other sizes than the facebook cover size you can see all facebooks sizes on the frontpage. Just click the facebook logo and the site will automatically scroll you to the section.

Some of this software can be quite expensive to use. If you are looking for a free alternative you can use our 100% Free Social Image Maker to create all assets for your social media channels. This image maker already has the facebook cover size available out the box, so you don't have to go look up the size to get started. It's easy to use and gets updates and improvements quite often.

We have designed Facebook Cover Photo Templates that you can use to create the perfect cover for your Facebook page. The templates are in the perfect size, so it can be used on any device as a cover photo for your business or brand.

The Facebook cover photo is an essential part of your page's branding. This is the first thing people see when they land on your page and it helps you tell others more about you or your business. I recommend using a single, unified image that captures the essence of your brand. It should be visually appealing, have high visual quality, and only have small amounts of text.

Finally make sure your cover image stands out with a stunning and compelling design that grabs users' attention and inspires them to become fans of your page. In the beginning of this section there's a really cool cover photo design from Adobe where they use a pattern of their company logo to make it visually appealing.


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