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Addons 335 Wow Quick Dkp BETTER

While leveling professions is generally optional while leveling,First Aid is not. First Aid allows you to use the cloth you getfrom killing enemies to craft bandages, which are a Mana-free means of healingyourself quickly. This is a secondary profession, meaning it does not counttoward your two primary profession slots. You should absolutely keep thisup-to-date while leveling and you will be able to get good usage out of thebandages. Check out our First Aid guide for more information.

Addons 335 Wow Quick Dkp

There are many addons that can help you while questing, but the only onethat is required is Questie. By default,no quest objectives, pick-ups, turn-ins, or locations will be shown on yourmap. Questie will put all of these on your map, and is vital to ensuring youalways know where to go. 350c69d7ab


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