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Outkast They Way You Move __HOT__

BIG BOI: We started, like, teenagers, you know? So we were, like, 18 years old, and things took off. By the time we were 19, we had a platinum album. I was just, you know, excited to be able to do what I love to do, which is make music, and for the world to receive it how they received it. It was great.

Outkast They Way You Move

BIG BOI: I think it was - you know, in the South, it was always considered to be not taken serious as lyricists, you know? And we were really all about lyricism. So they were drawn to the country drawl, the way we talk. You know, we talk slow, you know what I mean? But at the same time, we rap fast...

BIG BOI: I always was fascinated with owls - I mean, just, you know, the mysteriousness of them. And there's this wildlife guy that's a good friend of mine. He was like, hey, I can get you an owl, you know? And I was, like, really? So about a year and a half ago, I got two Eurasian eagle owls from upstate New York. And they're, like, the coolest animals ever. Like, they will perch for hours. You can sit them in the living room and just - they'll sit there all day. You've just got to watch them around the puppies.

BIG BOI: Yeah. I mean, some of them are saying that. They're saying, like, where'd you get it? And when they see them in person, they're kind of really completely blown away when they come to the studio, and I'm walking around the studio with an owl in my hands. Yeah.

SAGAL: We're pretty sure that your big hit "I Like The Way You Move" (ph) was not about moving companies, so we're going to ask you three questions about the people that move our stuff. If you get two right, you'll win our prize for one of our listeners - the voice of anyone they might like on their voicemail that is from our show. Bill, who is Big Boi playing for?

SAGAL: Here we go. Here's your first question. If you were moving apartments in New York in the 1960s, one option for you was a company called Low-Rate Movers. Other than their great prices, what made the company special? A, your furniture would have been moved by the artist Chuck Close, the composer Philip Glass and the actor Spalding Gray; B, for a low additional fee, you could just arrange your furniture in their truck and live there to save on rent; or C, they didn't move your furniture or your possessions; they moved your astral self.

SAGAL: It is. Here's your next question. One moving company in LA with a lot of celebrity clients once got a call from a very big star asking them to do what? A, pick the person himself up from the couch and move him to his bed; B, pick up and move his entire house so he could have a better view of the ocean; or C, move one chair from the dining room to the living room at 3 a.m.

SAGAL: The government of Quebec in Canada has decided to honor the brave men and women of the moving companies of that province by doing what? A, they built a statue known as the unknown mover to honor all those who have died of hernias while lifting pianos; B, they created a holiday known as Moving Day when everyone is encouraged to move and the moving companies get to charge three times their regular rate; or C, any professional mover in Quebec gets the prized first press of the annual maple syrup harvest. 041b061a72


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