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The authorities arrive and though they are not unkind and try to offer help, Nikki grabs Little and takes her, for the first time, topside. The perspective shifts as Nikki looks desperately for a safe place. She is so fearful of getting caught up in the system, which might take Little away from her, that she resists any offer of help that might alert the attention of Child Protective Services. She becomes increasingly more desperate. An encounter with a predatory acquaintance (Jared Abrahamson, suitably creepy as Les) is thinly sketched. The musician Fatlip is a highlight as a de facto leader of the underworld community who clearly cares about Little and tries to get Nikki to acknowledge what is happening.


The topside of an oilrig encompasses the surface deck of a platform, which includes all equipment for drilling, production and processing. Any portion of the oil platform, which is above the water line, is considered the "Topside".

The topside operation of an offshore drilling rig can include upstream through downstream activities. Offshore platforms can include well drilling, to explore for and extract oil and gas, as well as treatment, storage and offloading of these hydrocarbons.

All components in a topside construction must be suitable to perform in the hostile environments experienced at sea. Topside constructions must be able to cope with a full range of extreme conditions from arctic cold, to high temperature applications in the gas treatment process.

Warren Valve offers a diverse range of products suitable for topside flow control and isolation. Products include Trunnion mounted ball valves, floating ball valves, gate, globe, and check valves. These valves typically receive an offshore, epoxy based coating, to help product withstand extremely corrosive conditions offshore. 041b061a72


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