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TravianTacticsBot: A Free and Useful Extension for Travian Players

Travian is a popular browser-based multiplayer online strategy game that challenges players to build, trade, and conquer in a vast ancient world. However, playing Travian can also be time-consuming and tedious, especially when it comes to performing basic tasks such as building structures, raiding players, training troops, and sending resources. That's why some players use bots or automated programs to help them with these tasks.

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One of the most popular and reliable bots for Travian is TravianTacticsBot, which is available as an extension for Firefox and Chrome. TravianTacticsBot is a web bot that can perform various features inside the game, such as:

  • Build: The bot can automatically build structures in your villages according to your preferences and priorities. You can set the order and level of the buildings you want to construct, and the bot will do the rest.

  • Trade: The bot can automatically send resources between your villages or to other players. You can set the amount and type of resources you want to send, and the bot will find the best routes and timings.

  • Troop train: The bot can automatically train troops in your barracks, stable, workshop, and academy. You can set the number and type of troops you want to train, and the bot will manage the production queue.

  • Farm: The bot can automatically raid inactive or weak players around you for resources and points. You can set the criteria and targets for farming, and the bot will send attacks at optimal intervals.

  • Farm Finder: The bot can automatically find suitable farming targets for you based on your location and preferences. You can filter the targets by distance, population, alliance, activity, defense, and more.

  • Farming reports: The bot can automatically analyze and summarize your farming reports for you. You can see how much resources and points you gained or lost from each attack, and how efficient your farming strategy is.

  • Adventures: The bot can automatically send your hero to adventures when they are available. You can set the minimum health level for your hero to go on adventures, and the bot will take care of the rest.

  • Logs: The bot can automatically record and display all the actions it performed for you. You can see when and what the bot did in each village, and how it affected your game progress.

TravianTacticsBot is easy to use and configure. You just need to install the extension on your browser, log in to your Travian account, and access the bot settings from the game interface. You can customize the bot according to your needs and preferences, and enable or disable any feature you want. You can also pause or resume the bot anytime you want.

TravianTacticsBot is free to use for anyone who plays Travian: Legends or Travian: Kingdoms. However, if you want to support the development of the bot and enjoy some extra benefits, you can also purchase a premium subscription for a small fee. With a premium subscription, you can access more advanced features such as:

  • Multiple accounts: You can use the bot on up to three different Travian accounts at the same time.

  • Multiple servers: You can use the bot on any Travian server of your choice, regardless of the language or domain.

  • Multiple tabs: You can use the bot on multiple tabs or windows of your browser simultaneously.

  • No ads: You can enjoy a cleaner and faster game experience without any ads or pop-ups.

  • Premium support: You can get priority assistance from the bot developers in case of any issues or questions.

If you are interested in trying out TravianTacticsBot, you can download it from the official website or from the Firefox or Chrome web stores. You can also join the TravianTactics community on Discord or Facebook to share your feedback, suggestions, tips, and experiences with other users.

TravianTacticsBot is a great tool for any Travian player who wants to save time and effort while playing the game. It can help you with many aspects of the game, from building to farming, and make your game more fun and enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, a casual or a competitive player, TravianTacticsBot can be a valuable ally for you in your quest to conquer the world of Travian.


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