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A single press of the shutter button powers the camera on and starts recording, or you can even control it with your voice. This ease of use is what makes the GoPro a standout wearable camera pick. Plus, with its large spread of accessories and mounts, it's incredibly easy for you to wear or attach to practically anything.


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This tiny, rectangular, hands-free camera works with multiple mounts that attach to your glasses, a ring, or necklace. The OPKIX One includes an egg-shaped charging case that recharges up to two cameras at a time.

The YoCam is one of the most versatile wearable cameras money can buy. It weighs just 2 ounces, and it's waterproof up to 30 feet. It's capable of recording 2.7K video at 30 fps and able to take 8MP photos.

This wearable camera features several recording modes, including burst shot, slow-motion, delayed shot, and time-lapse. It easily attaches to your backpack strap, or it can be mounted to practically anything. Mofily has a handful of different accessories available, too.

If you're looking for a wearable camera on a budget, this one's worthy of your consideration. The SereneLife comes in black, red, white, and blue, and it's small enough to clip to your shirt. While it doesn't capture 4K video like some of the better, more expensive cameras, it still records footage in 1080p Full HD, and it's capable of capturing 12MP images.

Like the GoPro, before it, it will take some truly compelling footage to convince the world to shell out for wearable lifelogging cameras (particularly with the $230 Narrative is currently asking). When that arrives, however, you can bet a lot more people will be wearing cameras on their person.

There have been failures like the Google Glass and Snap Spectacles, and hopeful attempts like Oppo's Air Glass and Apple's secretive project, but the Razer Anzu smart glasses take a different spin on the wearable device by designing them for indoors. While they come with polarized sunglass lenses, their clear lenses are more useful with their blue light filter, which protects your eyes from screen glare to prevent discomfort even after hours of playing video games or working from home. The smart glasses, which also have a built-in omnidirectional microphone and speakers, may also be more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time compared to headsets and headphones. You'll enjoy smooth, stutter-free sound with the Razer Anzu's low latency audio with a 60ms Bluetooth connection.

Many of the top action cameras in 2021 also offer smartphone connectivity, which allows you to easily edit and share your latest videos quickly. Some models also support live-streaming direct to platforms like YouTube. This can be demanding on battery life, but will be useful if you plan on vlogging straight to social media.

Many people use action cameras to capture footage of their adventurous pursuits, such as mountain biking, skydiving or snowboarding. The best action cams are also waterproof, so some outdoor enthusiasts employ them to shoot watersports or record underwater video while swimming or diving. Most action cams come with a range of mounts, which make it easy to attach them to your helmet, handlebars or even a strap which wraps around your chest. So you should always be able to find an attachment that suits.

Action cameras can also be fitted inside vehicles, either to record the road like a substitute dash cam, or to capture what the driver is doing. Several motorsport series fit in-car action cameras to record racing drivers.

The patent, which cites specific weaknesses in GoPro's cameras, includes details about a camera system that can be mounted on bike helmets or scuba masks, Apple said in an application filed with the U.S. Patents and Trademark Office.

'I think that it will have about the same impact on GoPro as the iPhone has had on camera makers and that impact is that there are fewer cameras sold but the number isn't zero,' Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said.

SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Karma Grip from GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO) goes on sale today in stores, online retailers and at for $299.99. Karma Grip is a handheld and wearable stabilization grip for HERO5 and HERO4 cameras that makes it easy to capture incredibly smooth, professional-quality video during a wide range of activities.

Karma Grip enables full control of the GoPro HERO5 Black and HERO4 Black and Silver cameras. Support for HERO5 Session cameras will begin in Q2 2017. Users can power on and off the camera, start and stop recording, and HiLight tag key moments using four convenient buttons on the grip. Additionally, Karma Grip features on-the-fly angle adjustment and a lock-and-release feature for camera tilt that makes it easy to capture professional looking cinematic shots, no matter the angle.

Also new from GoPro is Remo, a voice-activated waterproof remote for HERO5 cameras. Remo provides longer range voice control of HERO5 cameras, understands 10 languages and can hear commands in windy and noisy environments. From a distance up to 33ft (10m), you start and stop recording, snap photos, switch between capture modes and more. Remo can also be used as a one button manual remote control for HERO5 cameras.

After testing new cameras from GoPro and Insta360, we think that the Hero10 Black is best for most people, the Hero11 Black is best for more serious social media, and the Insta360 X3 is the best 360 camera.

GoPro offers a $50 per year subscription service. The benefits include $100 off a new GoPro camera, a discount of up to 50% off accessories on the GoPro website, and a no-questions-asked camera replacement, up to twice a year, if you break it. Far more useful is unlimited cloud storage, at original quality, of all your GoPro photos and videos. You can even set up your cameras to automatically upload photos and videos to your GoPro cloud account when the camera is plugged in and can access Wi-Fi.

If you want to create videos that offer unique views and angles, as well as be able to capture everything, everywhere, all at once, the Insta360 X3 is a 360 action camera that can double as a traditional action camera. Overall, the GoPro Hero10 and Hero11 are easier to use and their image quality is a little better, but the X3 offers far more creative options for people looking to elevate their videos beyond what the GoPro cameras can do.

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Global Wearable Camera - Procurement Market Intelligence Report" report has been added to's offering.The report provides actionable insights to improve source-to-contract cycle performance in the Global Wearable Camera Market. It helps sourcing professionals formulate better category strategies, enhance savings, understand supplier and market challenges, and implement sourcing best practices.Wearable camera is an extension device to the smartphone camera, which enables the hands-free function of clicking pictures and video recording. These cameras usually use mounting techniques such as head mounts and body mounts.In this market, end-user industries such as media register a rise in real-time sharing of video content, which aids the growth of the category. In addition, the rise in social media vloggers in emerging economies will drive the demand for wearable cameras. Also, the increasing adoption of wearable cameras in the industrial sector for better monitoring of business processes will act as a market driver for the growing spend on the category.One of the procurement best practices for buyers is to prefer suppliers that provide customization of the wearable camera. According to the report, one of the key growth contributors for the global wearable camera market is the growing awareness about the product in developing economies.The report states that one of the key category management strategies for the buyers in the global wearable camera market is to focus on strategic sourcing as it assists them to leverage cost-saving opportunities offered by low-cost country sourcing.Companies Mentioned

Images, and the devices that capture them, are my focus. I've covered cameras at PCMag for the past 10 years, which has given me a front row seat for the DSLR to mirrorless transition, the smartphone camera revolution, and the mainstream adoption of drones for aerial imaging. You can find me on Instagram @jamespfisher.

They have all but replaced traditional camcorders in the marketplace. Family historians and budding cinematographers now use a GoPro or similar camera for wide shots and vlogs, while smartphones and newer mirrorless cameras are the tool of choice for home movies.

The DJI Action 2 rethinks the action cam design. It's modular and has magnetic mounting points that let you place the camera in tight spots that quite can't hold a GoPro. You can even use the camera as a wearable body cam with the included pendant necklace mount. Video quality is strong too, with 4K120 recording available for action and slow motion. 041b061a72


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