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Beginning of a Journey

Updated: May 31, 2021


Till date, (am 34 years old), so you can imagine how many dates have passed and have not written an introduction about myself in any platform other than my many resumes 😊

One of them and you can probably guess the position that I applied for but never got it because of the pandemic…

“An individual who has seen varied dimensions in both career and personal life. With broad range of experience and having had the opportunity to spend quality time with children in the past, eager and passionate to help and be part of their learning journey.”

First time, going to try for a blogging experience.

"A Chennai’te (Southern INDIA) born and raised in a small family going through all the ups and downs of a typical 80’s middle class set up. Education was the buzz word in our world and trust me, with all my might, power, and blessings from the supernatural forces, I completed my Masters. I keep pinching myself how was that even possible…"

With so much investment, there was always an ROI expectation, and I did call centers, logistics, administration work. It was fun but the corporate world was always too stressful for me.

Fell in love with one of the many million engineers working in IT industry and it took some time to start the “happy little family” but worth the wait. Shuttled between countries, cities, states and still a nomad…Does it bother us? Yes, but on the brighter side, we are always exploring!

No experience in life is small and I always believed, live the moment to the fullest and do not stress too much on the future.

I read a lot and have always wanted to write and express myself. After maybe hmmm 2 years of contemplating what to pick as a theme, decided to share my own experiences to a larger forum ranging from food, leisure, know about, more interestingly about passive income and how to earn freebies.

My husband is always of the notion that earning is all about getting paid but not paying or paying less for a product is also a source for earnings and savings 😊

Thank you for taking time to read my blog and please do save the link for more interesting topics and links in the coming days ✌

Till then be safe, healthy, and cheerful!!! I am Yuvarekha.

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